Styles of High Heel Shoes

Below are the top styles of high heels.

Stiletto Heel

One of the highest and thinnest style of high heel. Typically between 3 and 7 inches high.

Kitten Heel

A shorter version of the stiletto high heel. Usually thin and short and typically between 1 and 2" high.

Wedge Heel

A wedge can be any height, however covers the whole sole / bottom of the shoe, so it is one continuous piece from the front to the back of the shoe.

Stacked Heel

A stacked heel is usually a wide high heel. Whist providing height it's width also provides additional stability. 

Wide / Block Heel

A wide or block is usually the lowest. It provides the most stability and is usually 0 to 2" high.

Cone High Heel Shoe

Cone Heel

A cone heel is shaped like an icecream cone. It is wide at the top and gradually narrows to thin at the bottom.

Platform Shoe

Technicall a platform is not a style of heel, however it is always associated with a heel. The front sole of a shoe is raised, this means that the rear heel of the shoe must also be raised to compensate.

Ballet Heel

A ballet heel is the rarest of all mentioned on this page. It is one of the the highest heels and and gains its name because it looks like a ballet shoe, except with a stilleto heel.